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Victory Points

Victory Points

These are examples of victory points available in Settlers 7. In the case of tie, the point remains in the hands of the first player to reach the current level.

Sun King
Hold the largest number of prestige levels (minimum of 5). Gain prestige points by building prestige objects, conquering neutral sectors, researching technology, or establishing trade routes.

Special Trade Posts
Establish a connection to distant victory point trade posts marked on the trade board.

Sector Control
Conquer and hold certain predetermined sectors on the map.

Defeat the largest number of enemy soldiers (minimum 50).

Field Marshal
Have the largest number of soldiers in your armies (minimum 20).

Have the largest number of workers in your kingdom (minimum 25); includes work yard workers, carriers, and constructors.

Most Trading Outposts
Control the most trade posts on the trade board (minimum 5).

Fountain of Knowledge
Control the most technology on the technology board (minimum 3).

Research the victory point technology on the technology board.

Control the most sectors on the map (minimum 3).

Bishop's See
Be first to upgrade your church to a cathedral.

Own the most coins (minimum 25).

Event Locations
Most event locations have a victory point available for meeting quest requirements.