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How to Play

You begin play on each map controlling usually one map sector. Other sectors are held my neutrals, or your opponents, or are special sectors with which you may interact. You will probably want to expand your kingdom by taking over some additional sectors.

Within your starting sector you begin with a storehouse holding a few resources, a weak army general with a few soldiers, and some constructors ready to begin rebuilding your kingdom. Your first steps will be to use your limited resources to get your economy started. This will mean building some residences to provide living room, some work yards to gather logs and stone, and some work yards to make planks and tools. With these basic economic parts in place you can begin to expand your economy to provide additional goods and units.

To win a Settlers 7 map you must be the first player to reach and hold a pre-set number of victory points. At the start of a game examine the victory points available on your map and plan a strategy to get the points you need to win. Then shape your economy and play to reach your victory point goals. An alternative way to win is to conquer the other kingdoms on the map.
There are three main branches of expansion that can lead you to the victory points needed to win: military, trade, and technology. (See more details in the "The Three Expansions to Winning" section)

Military expansion focuses on building soldiers of various types that you can use to conquer other sectors and defeat opposing armies.
Trade expansion allows you to trade with a port or marketplace map sector to exchange goods as an alternative to building a large self-sufficient economy.
Technology expansion involved building clerics to be sent to different monastery sectors on the map where they can do research and acquire technologies to boost your economy and military.

Assuming no player eliminates all the others, play of the game will go through several stages including building an economy, expanding to reach needed resources, and ultimately the push for victory points.