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The buildings of Settlers 7 fall into several categories: base buildings, work yards, special buildings, and prestige objects.

Base Buildings:

The residence, noble residence, farm, lodge, and mountain shelter are all base buildings. Each provides some living room increasing the population of your kingdom. The residence and noble residence may be upgraded to provide additional living room. Each base building may have up to three work yards attached to it.

  • Residence
  • Noble Residence
    Noble Residence
  • Farm
  • Lodge
  • Mountain shelter
    Mountain shelter

Work Yards:

These are attached to base buildings. Workers at work yards gather raw materials or convert raw materials and goods into higher value goods. For example, work yards that can be attached to a mountain shelter are the stonecutter, coal miner, iron miner, gold miner, coking plant, or iron smelter. Place the shelter close to the resource you wish to gather and then attach the required work yard. Work yards attached to residences often make secondary goods that are in turn used as an input for a higher quality good. Most of the higher quality goods are produced at work yards attached to noble residences.

  • Stonecutter
  • Coal miner
    Coal miner
  • Iron miner
    Iron miner
  • Gold miner
    Gold miner
  • Coking plant
    Coking plant
  • Iron smelter
    Iron smelter

Special Buildings:

The stronghold, export office, and church are special buildings that must be unlocked by achieving prestige levels. You begin play with one fully upgraded constructor, with three builders assigned to it, which is another special building. The ability to build additional constructors can be unlocked by gaining prestige. The storehouse is a special building that holds resources and goods. Each storehouse has 1-3 carrier workers assigned to it. Carriers move goods from the work yard that gathers/makes them to work yards or special buildings that need them. More storehouses and upgraded storehouses usually move goods more efficiently, allowing your economy to work more smoothly. Wells are another special building that provides water, which is an input at several work yards. Wells require no worker.

  • Stronghold
  • Export office
    Export office
  • Church
  • Storehouse

Prestige Objects:

These are small objects you can place in your kingdom that each add a little prestige. They can be stand-alone objects built along roads or special attachments built onto the stronghold, export office, or church. Each object adds one prestige point to your total.

  • Culture objects
    Culture objects
  • Culture objects
    Culture objects
  • Culture objects
    Culture objects