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THE SETTLERS 7 – PATHS TO A KINGDOM recreates the building of a kingdom set in the early Renaissance period in a rich, wild, beautiful middle-European world of lush forests, open meadows, fast flowing rivers, and high mountains.

Based on the foundations of the highly acclaimed Settlers games, you will easily become engaged in an exciting campaign, skirmish maps and multi-player challenges.

An innovative victory point system gives you a lot of variety to build up your blossoming kingdom. Several options, customizable maps, player generated content and a strong online support will guarantee wide-ranging experiences encouraging you to play over and over again.


Enjoy deep and rich building & production systems encouraged by the classic Settlers gameplay
Create a kingdom with fortified towns and small villages where your Settlers produce goods for you.
Expand your realm village by village, sector by sector.
Optimize your creation by tuning production chains and transport systems.

Choose your path among 3 different ways to achieve victory:
Build strong armies and defeat your opponents by negating his military power.
Increase your influence in the monasteries to get access to the most attractive technologies.
Occupy the best trade routes to become the richest player on the map.

Play Settlers 7 Online
For the first time of the franchise history, play The Settlers online.

Enjoy a brand-new graphics engine
Let's experience the beauty of your realm in an unseen level of detail.

Game Modes

Single Player Campaign: The single player campaign follows the story of Princess Zoe as she attempts to wrest the kingdom of Tandarin away from usurpers and restore it to its former glory. The first maps of the campaign also serve as a tutorial about the features and play of Settlers 7. We recommend that new players start with the campaign for that reason. After mastering the campaign you will be ready for the greater challenges of skirmish and multiplayer games.

Skirmish: These maps are played solo against computer controlled opponents. Skirmish games allow you to set your own pace and explore different game strategies. They can be saved and restored for completion later, which may be convenient for players with limited time.

Multiplayer: These are played online against other human players (or in combination with some AI players). This interaction with other people provides the most challenging games and offers the opportunity for social interaction with friends and new acquaintances across the world. When you launch a multiplayer game the Settlers 7 site will match you up with others looking to play. You may arrange to meet and play with friends you already know. The results of online games are tracked by the Settlers 7 site and rankings of player wins and losses are presented on ladders for all viewers to see.